That’s So Cheddar Returns


Say Cheese

After a three-month hiatus, I’m pleased to announce That’s So Cheddar is back in business.

What was intended to be a short maternity leave quickly turned into months of cheese-writing inactivity.  In retrospect, I seriously underestimated how time-consuming a newborn is … and how little I was able to accomplish on two hours of sleep per night.

Since the little one pictured above is still quite a handful, for now, I’ll be posting only once a week.

7 thoughts on “That’s So Cheddar Returns”

  1. The next big interruption is when they get mobile! If you are not part of Mom group. Find one or make one. Start now so that the babies get to know these secondary Moms…so you can actually give each other 90 minute breaks once or twice a week. –Just enough time to go to the corner coffee shop and write a blog entry. WARNING: do not go home; the laundry or dishes will ensnare you!

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