• Milk type: Pasteurized sheep
  • Style: Gouda
  • Made in: Holland
  • Purchased at: Murray’s
  • Price: $19.99/lb
  • Try pairing with: Cabernet or Porter

When I purchased Ewephoria, the cheesemonger told me she thinks the flavor includes a hint of marshmallow. As bizarre as that sounds, I have to agree.

Ewephoria, as the punny name suggests, is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk in Holland. The distributor claims that it comes from a small sheep farm where the animals get plenty of sunshine, fresh grass and clean air. The local soil is reclaimed mineral rich ocean clay, which allegedly provides for an exceptionally creamy milk.

I’ve never heard a cheese maker say that its milk comes from extremely pissed-off animals who would rather be frolicking in the wilderness, but I will concede that this cheese is sweet and pretty creamy.

The piece in the photo above was aged for four months, giving the cheese a rubbery texture with a mellow sweetness that gets a bit more nutty closer to the rind.

However, there’s also a version that’s aged between six and nine months. The longer maturation time results in a crunchier texture and a nuttier, more butterscotch taste.

I’m normally in the cheese-as-appetizer camp, but Ewephoria’s sweetness would also make it work well as a dessert. (Try serving it with some grapes.) And if you’re a post-dinner aperitif kind of person, Murray’s suggests pairing it with a glass of sherry. 

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