At-Home Cheese Storage

At-Home Cheese Storage

One of the most common cheese questions people ask me is: how do you store cheese at home?

My answer: I don’t.

I try to buy only what I’m going to be able to use immediately. Dave and I can easily put down 1/4 lb to 1/2 lb in a single sitting, so I don’t often have leftovers. However, I know that most people practice something called moderation, which we still haven’t gotten the hang of. So, if you want to keep leftover cheese fresh at home, here are my tips:

Don’t wrap it directly in plastic

Cheese is a living thing; it needs air. You wouldn’t want to be smothered in Saran-Wrap, would you?¬†While you’ll often see large hunks wrapped in plastic in cheese shops, those cheeses are unbundled multiple times per day, giving the cheese a chance to breathe. If you aren’t doing the same at home (and who is?), avoid the plastic as a first barrier.

Instead, use wax paper

First wrap your cheese in wax paper, which is more permeable. Secure with scotch or masking tape, if necessary. Then wrap the package in a loose outer layer of plastic or put it in a Ziploc bag so that it doesn’t dry out.

Keep in the vegetable drawer or a lidded container

The vegetable drawer is usually slightly more moist than the rest of the refrigerator, creating a happy home for most cheeses. If you don’t have space for cheese here, you can also keep it in a lidded container, which protects your precious cargo from taking on weird flavors from the rest of your fridge. You can keep different types of cheese together but you might want to consider isolating really stinky cheeses or blues.

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